About the BBCA

The Brussels British Community Association (BBCA) is a focal point for the British community in the Brussels area, open to organisational and individual membership.

The role of the BBCA is:
  • to be an umbrella organisation providing visibility and networking opportunties for member groups
  • to represent the British community on major issues of concern to the whole community
  • to be a source of information for British expatriates

The Brussels British Community Association (BBCA) covers not only Brussels itself but also the provinces of Brabant , Hainaut, Liege, Namur and Luxembourg. Read about the BBCA’s long historydating back to before WWII. The Antwerp British Community Association covers the northern part of the Belgium.

Historical features:


“The Association’s 1974 newspaper,
The Beacon  [PDF, 2.25 Mb]


“The Association’s 1964 journal,
British European News [PDF, 1.40 Mb]