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The BBCA has existed in one form or another for most of the last century. Our ongoing role in the 21st century is to provide a focus for all British individuals and British related organizations in Brussels, and in an ever-wider European Union, help maintain our national characteristics and heritages, here in this, the Capital of Europe.

We are not a commercial organisation, but form a non-profit-making umbrella association for the many disparate British groups now active in Belgium, which cover all sections of society. We are totally independent of any political, religious, cultural or commercial aspects, whilst at the same time incorporating constituent groups with many diverse interests. The British Embassy supports our activities, which whilst they are generally beyond the normal remit of the Embassy itself, enable it to have an additional wider network to assist contact, if needed, of the many British citizens resident in the Brussels area.

BBCA asbl is a non-profit making organization, using its membership funds to support communication via its website, quarterly newsletters and occasional annual social event. Profits are held in reserve to be donated to relevant associated causes which may arise. Examples in the 1980s were the Heysel Disaster Fund and Zeebrugge Ferry Disaster Fund. Indeed, one of our constituent groups is the British Charitable Fund, originally set up to care for British casualties after the Battle of Waterloo, and which today continues to help Britons in distress in Belgium.

Should you require any further information, please contact us.