Royal British Legion, Brussels Branch

The RBL is an association which cares for men and women who previously served in the British Armed Forces, their widows and dependents. Each year, RBL volunteers join with the general public and anglophiles throughout Western Europe to make a success of the Poppy Appeal, thus ensuring the means for the on-going care of those in need. With almost 500 000 members and over 3000 branches, the RBL is the biggest ex-service association in the UK.

For members of the Brussels Branch of the RBL, a caring welfare programme, supplemented by a full programme of events ranging from excursions and commemoration ceremonies to lunches and social afternoons (often organized with like-minded associations), ensures that they are able to meet on a regular basis.

Membership is open to all.

Organisation Contacts
Secretary Andrée Ferrant
Vice-Chairman Colin Puplett
  Rue Antoine Gautier 50
  Brussels – 1040
Telephone +32 (0) 494 619665